Are aquarians and cancers compatible

Their lives revolve around unconventionality, intellectual independence, and humanity as a whole. They have an understanding of and live in a more communal world where they can objectively interact with a diverse set of people and ideas.

Cancer and Aquarius compatibility

Their mission in life is to improve the world by sharing their vision with others. Aquarians aren't particularly affectionate or romantic.

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For an Aquarian, love is something of an intellectual exercise. Aquarians need a romantic partner who is strong, self-assured, and independent. For Cancer, love is a gut instinct and all about emotional intimacy. Cancers need a romantic partner who is loving, attentive, and affectionate enough to make them feel safe and secure in that love. One thing they do share is a high level of determination.

When either wants something, they will move heaven and earth to get it. Cancer finds the art of romance to be sexually arousing and needs heartfelt, emotionally intimate sex.

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

An Aquarian finds intelligence sexually arousing and needs sex to be experimental. The beauty of sex for this couple is that it will foster emotional intimacy and free an Aquarian them from their heady existence, which will enable them to embrace their emotions. Patience is the key to the Cancer personality. If they achieve a balance, it increases Aquarius and Cancer compatibility.

While both parties in this pairing enjoy sex, it is this part of the relationship that is the most troubling. Aquarius goes on a quest where exploration of the flesh is a rite of passage.

Cancer male Aquarius female compatibility

To focus on the flesh is to ignore the emotional side of sex. For a good period in their life, the Aquarius persona might enjoy casual sex. They prefer friends with benefits and no strings sex. Cancer is the opposite. The emotions run deep in a Cancer. This fact has a serious influence on Aquarius and Cancer compatibility. They might try to hide these emotions and play tough on the outside. The Cancer mate who says love has nothing to do with sex is lying. The Cancer personality who thinks they can engage in sex absent of emotional is in denial.

The Moon rules over Cancer thereby making the sign emotional and intense.

aquarius and cancer Compatibility - The Pros

No other sign has the soft side a Cancer does. Aquarius is a sign under the influence of Saturn and Uranus. This makes the Aquarian mind one that is progressive, but sometimes cold. Sex for the Aquarius is about the physical act. For Cancer, the act of sex is about making an emotional and lasting connection. If each partner allows for an open mind, they can learn how to multiply their pleasure.

Cancer can teach Aquarius how emotion adds a unique and desirable intensity to sex. The Aquarius and Cancer relationship has some unusual sexual dynamics. Cancer has rigid boundaries when it comes to sexual encounters.

Cancer Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility | Keen

If Cancer starts whipping out rules for what happens in bed, it surprises Aquarius. Aquarius might even take a step or two, or three or twelve backward to reevaluate conditions. Aquarius is of high intellect. They can sometimes lose themselves in the realm of thought. When this happens, they might not be as mindful or aware as they should be.

Cancer is intelligent too, but also empathetic to the needs of others. The trivial things Aquarius might miss are things a Cancer personality absorbs. Aquarius and Cancer have exceptional communication skills. They come up with imaginative ideas and can discuss, with ease, how to bring a project to life. The only problem is they might not see each other enough to converse as much as they would like. Aquarius people are smart speakers who have a tricksterish personality.

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

An Aquarius can say something in light jest. The Cancer personality might not see the connotation. Worse is when the Cancer understands what Aquarius means, but finds no humor in it. Cancer can be broody and moody. It will hinder the power of humor in this pairing. Aquarius needs to keep a level of sensitivity when communicating.

Cancer will do well to mellow out a bit. The smothering from a romantic partner is not the Aquarian idea of a fun time. See the hills over yonder? Those towering mountains to the left? Aquarius heads for the mountains faster than a tumbleweed in a sandstorm. Melodrama kills the Aquarius and Cancer love match. If this couple argues, they do so with vigor. Aquarius wants the last word.

Cancer does too. This means the two of them would do well to walk away when the heat of the argument is out of control. Will this happen? Aquarius is a right fighter. Cancer will not always walk with a sense of satisfaction without having their say.

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Cancer type personas can sulk. But, they will have to get over things fast.

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Otherwise, Aquarius will leave them alone to sulk all they want. Stepping out the door to enjoy a lighter mood is not beyond the stress-disdaining Aquarius. Cancer partners will be unsuccessful in trying to manipulate an Aquarius with brooding emotions. Aquarius has the yang, masculine energy. With yin, feminine energy, and yang masculine interplay, it is too easy to assume compatibility. One would think a feminine and masculine energies balance one another.

In some ways, the energies work together and improve Aquarius and Cancer compatibility. Aquarius has the projective masculine form of energy. It pairs well with the feminine passive yin polarity.