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Fans scouting social can find no trace of a special other.

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If truth be told, her romances are probably up and down, around and around, and sometimes fast and furious. You see, she is looking for someone who will not only take on board her Cancer style sensitivity but know how to fix a pipe, and hammer a nail in the wall. In other words a down to earth type! A Mystery? Is Jodie a bit of a mystery, and will we ever really know her.? Not if her Cancer in Moon has anything to do with it. Best to dig a hole in the sand then Jodie, rather than getting put into someone else's box.

Did you know that January is the busiest time of the year for divorce lawyers? More couples consider divorce and decide to take legal advice then than at any other time of the year. The intensive period of family togetherness over Christmas and New Year can put a serious strain on a relationship. Post-holidays come a close second! It would appear that quite a lot of us find it a strain to spend long periods of enforced closeness together when there's little to occupy us.

The rest of our time is often so hectic and full-on that managing the stress of everyday life can result in us losing the ability to easily relax together. It's then that our relationship can experience difficulties.

Let's consider 8 tips to help when your relationship is experiencing difficulties: Don't expect perfection. None of us is infallible and if we've made a mistake or ended up in a tricky situation it's important to be open and honest with our partner about it. Being able to share those difficult or awkward situations in a respectful, supportive environment is important and helps us prepare together in case those difficulties escalate. So often we see couples who automatically finish each other's sentences or answer on their behalf. It may be seen as endearing or a quicker, more efficient option, especially if time is at a premium, but it can become irritating if we feel that we're not being listened to, respected or treated as an individual anymore.

It's potentially humiliating to feel that we're losing our voice or our right to an opinion. Some people treasure their separate activities; it helps them feel that they've retained their identity and individuality. Plus having some separate interests can be a great way to manage stress, provide a therapeutic timeout from any difficulties and offer new topics for conversation. Make regular, quality time for each other. Date nights might not always be an option, especially if there are baby-sitting, business or financial constraints, but try to have regular time which you claim as 'us time' to be a couple, play, chat and enjoy each other's company.

If there are tensions in the relationship it might be beneficial to agree to put a hold on having a sexual relationship for a time. Yes, being intimate is an important part of a relationship, but sex can feel like too much pressure in an already strained relationship. Invest in rebuilding the intimate side of your relationship slowly. Maybe go for walks, take a bath together or give each other a massage. Even a shoulder rub whilst watching TV can be a good way to rebuild closeness. It's sexy when someone really listens and is interested in what you have to say.

At first you may need to sit together and time an uninterrupted five-minute window each to say what's on your respective minds.

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Demonstrate that you've really listened by reflecting back what you've heard. This arrangement can prevent the listener from jumping in with their comments, explanations or feedback. Consider relationship counselling. Booking time with a professional relationship counsellor can be a worthwhile exercise as you have to set aside time to focus and commit to dealing with the issues in your relationship; how you're feeling, what you want and need, whilst also exploring how your partner is feeling.

Learn to apologise readily and effectively. A genuine 'sorry' uttered immediately and in a sincere way can go some way towards repairing a damaged relationship. But beware of being sorry for everything and your apology becoming a grudging, automatic response. Sometimes there may be merit in breaking down what you're sorry for; for example you may feel that something needed to be said but are sorry for the hurt it caused.

Be clear when you apologise and make it meaningful.

Investing time and attention in your relationship, perhaps with the help of relationship counselling, can help you rediscover what attracted you to each other in the first place and reignite those feelings of love and commitment. Susan Leigh - A. Qual, M. Acc , M.

Acc , H. She works with individual clients, couples and provides corporate workshops and support. The Solar Eclipse on the 6th exposes a corrupt official. Their immediate dismissal will leave a big gap in the leadership structure of a political organisation or business. Don't be surprised when you're asked to take over. You're famous for having exceptional leadership skills. Instead of letting personal relationships affect your decisions, you're ruled by logic. Matching the right person with the appropriate position will boost morale.

It will also rescue a troubled organisation from oblivion.

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A Lunar Eclipse on the 21st finds you benefiting from a big risk. Confessing a crush or taking a financial gamble was daring, but it was the right move. Spending Christmas overseas is a strong possibility. You'll end the year on a high note.

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Thanks to your improved financial position, you'll be able to throw a lavish New Year's Eve party. Take this opportunity to go on an overseas trip, work with refugees or learn about a foreign culture. You'll gain a newfound respect for a group whose beliefs resonate with your own. If you've been longing to get an advanced degree but lack the funds, apply for a scholarship. An educational, cultural or religious organisation will pay your tuition. On the 21st, a Lunar Eclipse will bring the end to a property matter.

You could sell a piece of land, buy a new home or both. If you're happy with where you are living, a grown up child could leave the nest or a home improvement project will come to a close. Christmas will be a cosy, intimate affair spent with your nearest and dearest. An inheritance, legal settlement or insurance refund will transform your lifestyle. At long last, you'll have the money to buy a home, car or both.

If you've been longing to start your own business, this would be a great opportunity to do so. Don't hesitate to form a partnership with someone who has lots of experience in this field. Their expertise will help you avoid pitfalls that other entrepreneurs experience. Take their advice seriously, even when it seems stuffy and conservative. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st will prompt you to finish a creative project or withdraw from social media. Although you've enjoyed sharing your thoughts with others, it's time to replenish your intellectual stores.

You'll spend Christmas rubbing elbows with stimulating people; let someone introduce you to their culture's holiday tradition. Ring out with someone who makes your pulse pound. Getting engaged or exchanging wedding vows will improve your chances for success. With a supportive partner at your side, you will be able to move mountains.

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If you're not interested in love, you could join forces with an accomplished business partner. This will be a great time to become your own boss. Hiring someone to look after complicated legal or financial matters would also be a good idea, whether it's an accountant, manager, lawyer or agent.

On the 21st, the Lunar Eclipse will bring a source of income to a close. This will leave you free to pursue a more rewarding line of work. A position that seems out of reach will be offered to you. Glowing letters of reference will convince the powers that be that you are the right person for this job.

Attend a festive party at Christmas, but enjoy a private New Year's Eve just with your amour. Overhauling your diet and exercise routines will result in a happier, healthier you.

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If you've been looking for a job, you'll be offered one that transforms your lifestyle. You might have to relocate to a different city, work unorthodox hours or get paid on a commission basis. No matter what the nature of this change, it will work to your benefit. On the 21st, a Lunar Eclipse will prompt you to step away from a demanding role.