Capricorn daily horoscope march 11 2020

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Pre-order Now. You will have a better than usual relationship with superiors and authority figures.

You may end up working in some artistic projects and this could benefit you and your creative side. Love relationships will be mainly concerned with teachers or guides that can help you succeed in your life as posed to satisfying personal desires.


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Daily Horoscopes: March 11, - VICE

Mercury in Sagittarius. Full Moon in Gemini.

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Venus in Aquarius. Capricorn is the third earth sign, the sign of material and worldly success. Mythologically, Jupiter is the king of the gods.

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Capricorn represents the peak of human consciousness and Jupiter represents spirituality. At the highest level, this transit is a chance to grow into and embody the divine consciousness within you. Jupiter in Capricorn is a reminder: only humility precedes true greatness. As Jupiter moves through Capricorn it makes a series of aspects to personal and outer planets, suggesting a busy and productive year ahead, with the potential for expansion on all fronts: personal, financial, creative, and business.

With Jupiter in earth sign Capricorn, the transit will be most beneficial and easy for the fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo; marking a time when life can flourish, bringing opportunities to thrive, and for tangible growth. But Jupiter makes three conjunctions to Pluto and the south node, suggesting a dual process of purging the old and dying, making room for growth and building on new solid foundations. One caveat: with Jupiter meeting Pluto, Cancer must move past superficial conditioning surrounding relationships and attachments to material desires.