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They are not an adventurous couple, but they do like spending the night off of work sitting and talking with each other for hours. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Since in the Virgo-Virgo marriage , they have many of the same interests it is not likely that these two people will easily grow bored with their conversation. They are likely to keep encouraging each other to speak on a particular topic, rather than trying to shut them down. These two people also like working together, which many other couples may not understand. Virgo people usually have a great work ethic, so they are able to get a lot done while they are at their job, and the work that they do get done will be done well.

They are likely to succeed in their jobs, which helps to keep their family stable. When they get home from work they need to learn not to talk about it because talking about work while at home can ruin the atmosphere of peacefulness in the home. The Virgo-Virgo marriage compatibility is excellent.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

They usually also make great parents. They will do their best to raise their children as well as they can by using traditional family values. They may follow a religion and use those principles to guide their family. Or they may have just use general moral roots to shape their family and home-life. While these two people are the same sign and have many of the same traits, they also have the same poor personality traits, and this can interrupt their relationship at times.

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The first problem starts before the Virgo-Virgo friendship happens for this couple. It often takes a while for two Virgo to come together in a romantic relationship. They often form friendships with each other, but it is harder for them to get together romantically.

Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Virgo is a shy sign, and it is likely that they will not be comfortable approaching someone who they are attracted to. Test Now! It is likely that two Virgins will be friends for a while before a Virgo starts dating another Virgo. This star sign does make great friends and business partners with each other.

Often, this sign remain to be only friends with each other because it simply makes things less complicated and more productive while at work or school.

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships - Zodiac Fire

Just as well, they are so focused and invested in their work that they are likely to talk about their work while they are outside of work. This can make conversations between two Virgos and other signs to be dull and repetitive. Virgo zodiac sign will need to learn to leave their work at the workplace. Virgo people can annoy each other when they take their work home with them or when they need to stay late at work to get more done, which happens quite often for this sign.

Virgo like to spend a lot of time together at home, and they cannot exactly do that when one of them is at work all the time.

Not only is this the case here, but the relationship thrives on the shared loyalty of this pairing, and is built to last. Because of this, she can be a little judgemental or involve herself in gossip. In the most traditional sense, Virgo is not a star sign who goes out of his or her way to interact with other people. Virgo people have no patience for rude, vulgar, disorganised people who are late without apologising or who keep poor personal hygiene.

They do so in their own quiet way, of course, and prefer to connect over sophisticated entertainment or in venues with a sense of grace and beauty. Virgo people like life to be of a certain standard, and also to make plans for the future that will play out to their exact specifications. Having that sense of security that can only come from a trusted confidant is reassuring to people who are often worried about how life plays out for them.

To Virgo people, every decision is to be made not just in terms of the immediate benefits that come from it, but also — more specifically — the long term consequences that every decision brings. Because of this, Virgo and Virgo marriage is often quiet a natural consequence of a Virgo and Virgo relationship. Virgo is more sensitive than many give them credit for. Heartbreak devastates them, so better that they settle down with someone who understands them — like, indeed, a fellow Virgo.

The marriage between two Virgo people is likely to be quite a fulfilling one, although it will be more played out in the mind and in reality than in endless sentimentality. Having said that, even the coolest, calm and collected Virgo spouse will cave into their passions sooner or later. Yet even when the honeymoon phase is over, the alliance that results is set to last forever — truly, Virgo and Virgo married couples are best friends to one another.

Raising a family together, should the family take such a direction, is a very fulfilling and mentally engaging way to devote their lives to the next generation. Bright kids are sure to be raised in this household, although there may be a lack of emotional displays from the parents sometimes. There is such a thing as being too alike — and even with that in mind, each Virgo partner is an individual in their own right , with their own view on what perfectionism and orderliness means.

This could even be as simple as how the home is kept.

Virgo friendships👫👬👭 ♍

For example, one Virgo partner might prefer washing the dishes after every meal, while the other might recommend a dishwasher. Around and around the discussion goes, and the pair will be debating the merits and faults of their philosophy from sundown to sunrise if left unattended. While not argumentative overall, Virgo people have a specific way of doing things, and become edgy when control over things they like to be just so are handed to someone else.

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  • A love of peace means this pair will agree to disagree more often than not, yet Virgo and Virgo couples can also go to almost ridiculous lengths to avoid talking about a difficult topic too. There is never any confusion over the delegation of responsibility, and both partners feel quite comfortable with this arrangement. Making lists, balancing accounts and keeping the house and affairs in order are second nature to both partners. They share a discriminating palette and exquisite taste.

    Virgo is ruled by the Planet Mercury. Virgo is often able to read the nuances of words and gestures and take in an analytical meaning. One of the strongest points of the relationship is open and honest communication. They are a versatile and brilliant team. Virgo is an Earth Sign, thus indicating a practical nature. It is worth it to hold out for something perfect, rather than to allow for anything less. Virgo exercises caution before moving forward, and they are the first to determine the best action for everyone to — even if it involves sacrifice.