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No stars, no astrologer can make anyone lose or win, instead it's the skil and hard work The two best teams will fight it out in the stadium, astrology will have nothing to do with it. Go Team Pakistan, work hard and make your day and don't listen to these astrologists.. Well where do I begin? I think I should switch to Superman Comic instead of news worthy of world affair. Alas we are drifting towards the depths illogical debates and now news that have become a feature of our daily life.

Astrology, however labeled as scientific, is actually superstition. India or Pakistan or someone else will win based on talent, skill, team efforts and a bit of luck.

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Nothing else. Everyone is hoping for India Pakistan final. Whoever wins, the game wins. If Astrologer has known everything then why not they buy any Lottery ticket or put any number on Jackpot game and become Billioniors?? Pakistan can pull off upset at both ends What a bogus astro? The 10th house signifies one's career, social status , authority , work etc. People with beneficial effects in the 10th house are sure tostamp their authority and command.

It is the 12th house that signifies loss , attrition , unnecessary spending etc while the 11th house signifies profit, gain etc. You will not be speared. How dare you even predict against India. So according to this astrologer, we just need to change captains with the right birth dates, as per match dates. No need to worry about skill, competency, fitness etc. On a given day anyone can win.

Any two teams could qualify. It takes one good or bad over to turn the fortunes. Take Sami's over for example. So keep your hopes alive whichever team you are supporting. This is utter non-sense.

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It is not the high rank team which wins, but the team which puts better efforts on THAT particular day. Currently Pakistan's form may not be better than Indian form, but that does not mean that they can't play a better game. Remember, when Pakistan was stronger than India, India managed to beat Pakistan. I will be upset if India loses, but a loss in a game doesn't make India inferior. I would feel the same for Pakistan if I were a Pakistan. Yeah keep consoling yourself with astrologers, also check if someone has cast a black magic spell on Pakistani cricket team, which might explain the recent losses.

ZAK If Bangla Desh fans predict they will play finals and win, why not you and the Pakistan fans predict Pakistan will play finals and win! Both teams are of equal strength so any of the two will win.

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May be he is right. But no problem. We will take this, since we have beaten them so many times in worldcups Who knows? Pakistan may win Remember T20WC SA choker pressure.. Let us not seek comfort from the stars but, on the other hand Dhoni's luck should have run out when he started his cricket career.

He has no finesse whatsoever. It's easy to predict what he did. If india wins, no one will care his prediction. If Pakistan wins, people will say, he was right and won't care. On the other side if his forecast doesn't come true his name has already gained the fame, so it is a win win situation for him. Astrologers cannot predict if they are going to have a bowel movement the next day, how can they predict the outcome of a match.

How much astrologer would ve been happy. His views are taken by national daily seriously. This is his most successful day in his career. When the poor fellow arrived, he was put in jail, beaten, given bad food, the complete works. After six months Maharaja called him. The astrologer in tears asked what his crime was. The King said"you didn't know your future, and you came to predict mine".

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Whatever one says but pakistani team can beat any team on its day The Pakistani team should not think about Indian Batting and play for good 20 overs targeting initially and see how the game is progressing and accelerate when its time to. If we fall early thinking about the Indian Batting and to post a big score then it will be a repeat of the asia cup.

Give yourself and the bowlers a chance to fight Cricket is the game till to last ball. Truth - only a dumb will call Pak 92 WC team as weak Ramiz was only one who failed to win us any match Did the astrologer say anything about Pakistan Vs high flying Bangladesh match on Mar 16? Can you imagine what is waiting for Pakistan in this match?

Ah, the caveman and his predictions. But we live in the 21st century, he should know. If he is just trying to pull our leg, we are game for a laugh. Why do we bring starts and planets in cricket. Why don't we understand the simple fact, it is not the rank or the form, but the team which puts up a better performance on that day wins the match. In 80s and 90s Pakistan cricket team was much stonger than Indian cricket team but India managed to beat Pakistan in world cup encounters. This can happen on any given day.

Now TRP hungry media starts building up pressure. It is just a game, do we show the same emotions in a game of table tennis betwen Pakitan and India? I bet many of us do not even know who are the top most table tennis players in our respective countries. We are making cricket a national pride, I strictly believe, when India loses, it is just that Indian cricket team loss to Pakistan cricket team.

The current crop of Pakistan players grew up under mediocrity and international intimidation.

Don't expect too much of them. Only Shahid Afridi has seen better days but doesn't seem to have the knack of inspiring his minions. My dear Pakistani brothers and sisters astrology has nothing to do with cricket or any thing else, play good cricket and you will win.


Pakistan should focus on batting aggressively, taking singles. Play normal cricket except to hit big shots early on. Indian bowling has been very effective in this format recently, not to underestimate them. Good normal cricket should be sufficient. Above all T and ODI cricket more than ever is a team sport and demands good opening partnerships in the top 6 batsmen.

An astrologer was been ushered by our neighbours and my grandmother was so excited to know the future that she told the guy to come in the evening when her son i. As soon as my Dad came back from work in the evening, I told my dad about the astrologer coming in an hour or so being excited as a kid.

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The poor astrologer left. Any encouragement is well come for moral boosting of men in green Oh please stop filling us with hot air.


No doubt that Pakistani team is the most unexpected team of all, but the truth is, they have also been the biggest disappointment of all. The only thing that our team has been doing consistently is disappointing us.

Scientific Astrologer Predicts Winner Of India-Pakistan Clash At WC

Teams win trophies on good performances with consistency. Unfortunately for Pakistan, they have lost the image they once had of cornered tigers. They have proven time and time again that we should not hope much from them. Good luck to all teams. May the better side win.

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Stop this nonsense of Astrology or palm reading. Let Afridi show he is a capable player let alone capable captain. Win the world cup and make Pakistanis happy. What I have seen so far is your big talk and once in a while hit the ball.