Number 16 birthday

The danger that is possible for you is being a loner that can lead to strangeness. You are also exposed to be so pride of yourself and your achievements that it can lead to vanity and break in self-development. Always be critical to information, try to learn more, but don't place yourself higher than others. You can sink in your interests so much that you may become irrational and dreamy, and as a result lose the earning potential.

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Your challenge is to be flexible. Though you are analytical, you are still very sensitive and can't get close with people easily. Communication is usually hard for you, because you need to find a person that sees what you see or at least understands you without judging. You like being alone, it doesn't bother you.

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Nineteens possess the potential to extend their activities into worldwide organisations. People and situations are not perceived as threatening by these individuals. Both move with ease and assurance in social circles.

Sixteens are selective of the company they keep. People who are superficial, coarse and ill-mannered are steadily avoided. Their active participation in any group depends largely on the social graces displayed by its members. The technique of withdrawal when withdrawal is expedient is a natural process with a Sixteen. There is an element of aloofness and inscrutability in the Sixteen which attracts some and deters others. Nineteens are able to cope with a much wider range of personality types. While Sixteens generally acquire popularity by the power of influence, Nineteens do so by the influence of power.

Nineteens carry with them an aura of benevolent authority. However crowded a scene they enter may be they gain the attention of people. Sixteens prefer to remain active in the background and do not feel overlooked when a Nineteen partner takes up the centre of attention. They are observers by preference while Nineteens are actors. With these different attitudes these partners do not try to steal attention from each other. At the same time, they do not neglect each other. They promptly close ranks against hostile speech or action by a third party.

Sixteens and Nineteens will believe in sharing information. An exchange of ideas may often lead to a revision and advancement of many of their individual assumptions. There is a fund of intuitive wisdom in both by which things are known or communicated without recourse to much speech.

During busy working moments or in the presence of others simple body language or a word or two would suffice to convey all they need to say. They are not incessant talkers and their speech does not contain anything that is irrelevant or frivolous.


Their sense of humour is never expressed at the expense of others. They are good listeners who do not interrupt or intrude when others speak. When Sixteens decide to speak they hold the attention of their listeners. Nineteens could be rather insistent of making themselves heard. There is really no need for them to do so as their conversation is varied, humorous and informative. They do not lose the attention of their listeners with boring or tedious talk. Sixteens are generally person to person communicators while Nineteens happily take to a crowd.

Numerology: Secrets of Your Birthday 7th, 16th, 25th – Number 7 Life Path

Both personalities are reasonably tolerant of contradiction but the extent of their tolerance depends on their mood and the nature of the person contradicting them. Recreational activities and hobbies are areas in which these partners can find motive and cause for united action. Both derive delight and inspiration from scenes of great natural beauty. They are intuitively aware that the more they let go awareness of self or ego, the more they increase their sensitivity and appreciation of the finer things of life. This process could be easier for the Sixteen as the pull of mental and spiritual planes is stronger.

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Nineteens have a strong pull towards the physical and consequently, an effort has to be made to enter in ruminative pleasures. Both agree that the world of sense experience is not the only source of knowledge and pleasure. These personalities are enthusiastic travellers.

Nineteens are prepared to stay away from home for long periods but Sixteens look forward to returning home after a reasonable period away. Both are individuals who are alert to the world of nature as well as the achievements of mankind. They invariably enjoy their journey as much as their destination. They are also armchair travellers who enjoy excursions into physical, mental and non-physical realms by means of books and documentaries.

This is a most advantageous combination as both have a fascination for music, art, drama, history and enquiry into their spiritual nature. They think and act beyond the boundaries of race, nationality and religion. With feelings of kinship with all creatures Sixteens and Nineteens are naturalists whose keenest wish will be a life in a country property stocked with a variety of birds, fish, animals and plant life. However, their free time is by no means consumed by selfish pleasures. Both do their best to effect a fair balance between personal needs and as useful members of society.

As multi-talented people they are able to contribute a variety of skills. While conscious of the need and value of money these partners will not engage in its single-minded pursuit. They are aware that such activity by anyone creates selfishness, impoverishes the mind and hinders all-round development and expression of their personality.

Both can successfully engage in commercial activity without a commercial or mercenary outlook on life. Generosity within bounds controls their spending habits. As both possess more or less the same value systems, disagreements over money matters are unlikely. The Sixteen is the more cost-conscious individual and may also show more concern for their financial security. This partner is likely to take over management of the family budget. The Nineteen may be too busy to do so and also less interested. The friendship aspect of marriage will be strong between these partners.

The Meaning of Number 16

While enjoying a good deal of togetherness they will also allow each other adequate room for individual pursuits. They do not give all of themselves to anyone, nor do they expect or tolerate a dependent or surrendering type of partner. Attempts to possess them or monopolise their time will endanger an association or relationship. As both are free from the need to protect or defend insecure egos they are in a position to express love for each other without reservation.

Negative feelings of distrust and inferiority should not enter into this relationship of equals. Please refer to the chapter on the 2nd and 16th birthdays. The Zero in the 20th day does not add any new features or reduce any existing characteristics of the 2 vibration. At most, it may emphasise certain 2 qualities either in negative or positive ways. Please refer to the chapter on the 12th and 16th birthdays.

Karmic Numbers: What your birthday says about your past Karmic Debt

The 12th day and the 21st day create strong qualified Three personalities. There is practically no difference between these individuals. The potential for a truly high-powered combination exists between partners with these birthdays. Success depends largely on the partner born on the 22nd day. These personalities are formed by a master vibration and fall into several types, each depending on the vibration of their birth month, Life Path number and other significant areas of influence.