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And so it was that 3 years later May , I launched a new promotional campaign for the 2nd River of Stars conference, to take place March I felt it was time, as the Gods seem to prompt me in this direction. In the thick of the promotional campaign, August , a violent hurricane pounded that particular area of the Big Island causing considerable damage to the infrastructure. As soon as residents recovered from days and some even weeks without power and the chaos of tree carcasses, the news hit that the Lava flow, which normally continuously flows from the crater to the ocean, had deviated from its usual course, and was now approaching within close distance to our town Pahoa.

The slow but persistent flow was swallowing everything in its course, heading straight toward the town, and threatening to cross major highway arteries that would completely isolate this part of the island, not to mention the damage it would cause and the toxic smoke of lava and whatever it consumes in its course. The threat became critical and alarming in September —a time when Haumea was exactly conjunct the North Node in the sky at 20 degrees Libra. Chart 1 — Emergency Situation in Pahoa.

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Hawaiians have absolute respect for the goddess Pele, and the lava was not to be perceived as a random natural phenomenon, but a divine force with clear intentions—they made it clear that no human intervention to divert the lava was to be attempted, but only evacuation when necessary. The lava took its time and extended the suspense. It crossed the first fields of town, narrowly missing homes, and crossed the first peripheral road and encircled a wasted processing station by November. Serpenting its way through back yards and inflating with the heat, these were the days of scorched earth policy, turning a lush rainforest area into a barren black lunar landscape.

Business closed, people stored cans and gas supplies, with smoke almost constant; evacuation strategies were well studied by everyone. Pele was not to be messed with, but gave us resident ample prep time. Prayers and rituals were organized, school children wrote private messages to plead with the Goddess in attempt to appease her anger. But the first D-day was eminent; Pele was about to cross the main town road, and then the adjacent main highway. Residents gathered within safe distance to view the daunting spectacle — but that day, she did not cross, only got closer.

The next day, nor the following week, the same. Pele stalled just by the road, sparing us on the threshold of a catastrophe. It took another month for additional lava fingers to stop stall again, short of minimal distance from major infrastructure. By the end of December, residents began to gain confidence that albeit fire was still surrounding town, they could begin to breathe fresh air again.

At that time, Haumea and the North Node were distancing themselves from each other, now within 7 degrees of orb. The goddess made her point and yet heeded the prayers — unbelievably, with lava crossing this rural town, it only burned one house down. The River of Stars conference prevailed with participants flocking from all directions, eager for an infusion of vitamin D and star knowledge.

And yet, the first day of the conference was challenged again by a forceful wind storm that knocked power down for a few hours. But on that same evening, a powerful hula dance performance was taking place in honor of Pele, led by a great Kumu teacher who gave a blessing for the conference, and that completely turned the tide, propelling the conference to an absolute success. The Hula performance opened with Dwarf Planet Haumea rising. Haumea seems prominent in the charts of important events associated with Hawaii.

As it is, Hawaii became the 50th state of the America on August 21, with the Sun tightly conjunct Haumea at 29 Leo. Chart 2 — Hawaii becomes a State. The Rapa Nui Polynesian culture from the Easter Islands worshipped Makemake pronounced makei makei , the bird God, and their story is entrenched with the existential polarity of new life, sustainability, and termination.

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  • Sidereal and Tropical Zodiac — Vijaya Jyoti. CurrentPlanetaryPositions com : Home : Current positions of. He was the chief god of the Tangata manu bird-man cult and was worshipped sic in the form of sea birds, which were his incarnation.

    Haumea & Makemake

    As part of the bird-man cult, the islanders would swim out to an islet each year to collect Sooty Tern eggs. You can see from the photo above the small island they swam to, through dangerous open sea. Not to mention the cliffs they had to climb if they survived the swim. The symbolism of the egg is significant, given that the island was originally named Easter Island by the Europeans who arrived there on Easter Sunday in The team eventually chose the name Makemake mainly because of the Easter connection, and it was only later that the synchronicity of the egg hunt become apparent. Also, only a month after Makemake received its official name, the egg shaped National Centre for the Performing Arts opened in Bejing.

    One of the best known aspects of Rapa Nui Easter Island are the statues or moa. These massive statues weighed about 14 ton each and were carved out of a quarry on the island then transported to the coast. We might expect that the statues were intended to scare off intruders, but in fact they face inwards, creating a protective circle.

    That their protective essence is masculine is clear from the phallic shape and the hands clasping the genitals. The accepted history of Rapa Nui is that when the Europeans began to arrive in , the islanders were already in a state of decay. Generations of tribal warfare had destroyed their food supplies, their culture and their religion, and they had resorted to cannibalism to stay alive. There were tales of a major upheaval in where many of the islanders had died in a huge battle and the creation of the statues suddenly ceased.

    So the story goes.

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    But it seems that this story is based on false evidence, and that uncovering the true story is a vital part of our understanding of the meaning of Makemake in our designs, and in our global evolutionary journey. There is little evidence that the islanders were anything other than happy and healthy when the Europeans first arrived. There were the usual log entries that described them as savages living a poor life.

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    • These are ethnocentric views expressed by European sailors accustomed to judging life by very different standards. Because of this idea that the islanders outgrew their resources and began fighting for survival, there is a tendency to use Makemake as a predicator of environmental disaster if our resources are not properly managed, the inevitable consequence of ill management and overpopulation. Hundreds of islanders were stolen by slave traders. After a detailed examination of the evidence, Benny Peiser comes to this conclusion.

      They refused to accept that the native culture was capable of the sophisticated skills needed to survive on Rapa Nui.