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Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of August 12 by the Cut

Read more. Taurus: You need life to kick your ass in just the right gentle way Read more.

Scorpio: You have license to be extravagant in getting what you need to thrive Read more. Pisces: I encourage you to throw a big Unity Party for all the different people you are Read more. You have cosmic permission to be more forthcoming in showing people your beauty and value, Aquarius Read more. The coming weeks will be an excellent time to illuminate and deepen and embellish your conception of your life story, Libra Read more.

The coming weeks will be a favourable time for you to indulge in an interesting pleasure that you have been denying yourself for no good reason, Virgo Read more. Trust your gut feelings more than your swirling fantasies, Leo Read more.

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 12

Here are your fortune cookie-style horoscopes for the months ahead Read more. You could be a disorienting or even disruptive influence to some people, Sagittarius Read more. After all, you, too, are more than what you can perform, and more than what other people can see. This week, pay attention to the slow growth happening around you.

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Your vision is clear, so trust it. This is a valuable gift, but it makes it easy, sometimes, to avoid really looking at yourself, and to neglect the feelings and needs rushing through you. This week, let yourself attend to your own needs, your own comfort, too.

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This week, try to resist that hot impulse to outsmart everybody, to outplan everybody, to be the undisputed best. If the ground feels slippery under your feet right now, or if the sky feels wobbly over your head, it can feel like the only thing to do is embrace order or structure. It can feel like you have to turn away from all those things in yourself that are slippery or wobbly, too.

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It might work better for you right now to search not for order but for meaning— a sense that underneath all this chaotic motion, you still have a purpose. This is different, and much more difficult, than trusting that some vague and general abstract power will hold you up.

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It can be easier sometimes to trust in fate and cosmic forces, and harder to trust yourself and the work that you do. The weekly horoscopes for the week of August 26 will be here. Already a subscriber?

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