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Sanjay Jindal. Maa Vaishno Ratna. We want to warn the public that do not fall prey to Shri GD Vashisht ,as, he is a fraud and cheats the common public, playing on the religious sentiments of people who have some trouble. People who have been cheated, should take up case in Consumer Court, as, this is a service in which G D Vashisht through his sansthan is following unfair trade practice and cheating, playing on the sentiments of people.

Do not waste you money by following his false predictions and upays. Perdictions Pt GD Vashishat has spoiled my life. I once bought his personal prediction book. That book predict completely wrong things of my life which ruined my life. He is just making money by duping blind faith persons who do not believe the destiny which they have been given by God according to their Karmas.

Pt GD Vashishat can't change the destiny given by the God. If at all he claims so , he will be sitting himself above God. Please believe in God not such Thags who do not hesitate to dupe poor people. He will have to pay for it. Well, here I would like to share my own experience. I have visited Mr GD vashist last year in March, because i was facing issues in my life. I have paid the huge fees that is Though when we went to visit him we have lots of question in our mind.

I went along with my mom and dad. Though Mr GD vashist has given us only 12 minutes, not more than that also we have so many question to ask him but after three or four questions Mr GD vashist told us that dont ask more. I was totally dishearten and thought we have made a big mistake that we have visited him.

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Also there was one pooja mention in upay which cost rupees. Big amount. Outside acharyas told us more about that pooja and about all the upays in details that how to do and wway to do. Though I was dishearten and didnt believe them totally. But still paid rupees to book the pooja.

We came back to home. My parents said pooja is very expensive so leave it for now. But they uncouraged me to do the upays. I thought lets give it a go. But still have doubts in mind. Then I thought to go through the Lal kitaab myself. I have read the lal kitab beginners edition and found that my whole life is written in that lal kitab.

I will have only daughters so accordingly I have two daughters. My wife will be very kind and from rich family, I will be having eyes problem, I would like to get attract towards wine and meat, I am very angry person, I will be good in salemenship and like wise. Now the main point, when wverything about us has been written in details in lal kitaab then we have two options left with us either read all the lal kitab editions by ourselves or follow Mr GD vashist though the fees is very high. I found that he is expert doctor of a very expensive hospital with hugh fees to be paid but why am I paying him because I myself need his advice.

Now I have read about my wife, my father in lal kitaab and found that yes lal kitaab really describes our faith but a beginner level Lala kitaab edition will not help me. So accordingly I try to complete maximum upays but still few of them still pending. I have visited Mr GD vashist again next year and told him that some new problems came in my way and he himself have shown me the same thing already written in lal kitaab.

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I am still trusting them upto a limit and this year again a expensive pooja has been prescribed by him but I have get it done in this week only. Now just to tell you guys why am I doing it. Answer is when everything about my behaviour and my lifestyle has been described in a book which has been written years ago then why shouldnt I follow him. I am now awaiting for fruitful results.

One more thing, rather than getting the yes i can change file meet Mr GD vashist and and get the upays written by himself.

Know Here the ultimate remedy to Fix the Vastu Dosh for Home - Famous Astrologer Pt Gd Vashist

Also i dont think he is a fraud, he is giving us his advice and also upays are not that difficult that I cant do that. Kisiko thodi advice requied ho then mail me only. Go and buy the lal kitaab beginners edition then read it.

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If everything about you is mentioned in that book and then follow the remedies also for positive effect. If you want then I will read it for you because I am getting my interest developed in reading lal kitaab, I will not charge anything but this will increase my knowledge about planets and all. VASISTH Friends jo koi bhi iss astrologer jo ki apne aap ko guru kehta hai se apni kundli yaan book banane se pehle mera yeh post read kar lee. Friends prediction karna ek baat hai aur uska life mein implementation hona ek alag cheez hai.

Ab main aapko batata hoon ki gd vasisth kaise prediction aur upay batata hai We have collected a complete set of totke from Lal Kitaab. The remedies of lal kitab are quick And effective and early resulting so The mass followers of Lal Kitab are increasing everyday. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate.

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