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Water has no shape of its own, taking on the shape of its surroundings; and with water, most of the interesting things are happening below the surface.

Russell Grant Video Horoscope Virgo November Sunday 30th

Likewise, you may notice that something feels different before you can fully discern exactly what it is. Conversely, you may be able to affect the group vibe through emotional appeals. Water tends to unify and pool together in large bodies, so popularity can swing in great tides this year.

An example? The enormously popular new age books The Celestine Prophe cy and The Secret were both released during years with Mercury retrogrades in water signs. Some of the people, places, and things that are the most central to your life are likely to shift this year, and thus the way you feel about them could as well. At the same time, you may find that there are things about your own basic identity that you actually want to change—and with a similar kind of support, these periods may be the perfect time to seek something new.

Water is your opposite element: in any direct interaction, water puts out your fire or you heat it to a boiling point. Therefore, an indirect approach is likely best. If you can take some time to rest and cool off, then the embers of your fire become easier for others to handle. Curb your desire to go it alone and either ask for help or commiserate with others on your detour.

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You may just find a short cut together. You may have to put aside your natural practicality, relax your boundaries, and go with the flow. Allow yourself to feel as much as you think, and to honor your connections.

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Try to sense the universal messages always surrounding you. Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Lessen the discordant voices and increase those that resonate with an organic harmony. Rev up the romance with a love tarot reading! February 10 Mercury enters Pisces February 26 Mercury at maximum elongation begins to slow down.

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You get bored easily with routine and one thing you may need to practice more of is persistence. The ancients allowed twelve days for a star of the first magnitude to emerge from the solar rays; And there is less twilight, the further south we go.

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Lie to me just to calm me down! Be jovial, compassionate, sociable, optimistic, honest, and straightforward. Even when you attain what you think you want, you'll go on and lay foundations for other acquisitions.

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