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For example, if Venus is a benefic planet for a chart and is aspecting an afflicted planet or house, it may indicate that the remedy will be related with Venus significations, and the remedy could be Bhakti Yoga, Kirtan, Pujas, opening the heart and love, being more social, listen or play music, arts, wearing appropriate Gemstones, aromatherapy, etcetera.

If Saturn is a benefic influence and help on the chart, then it may indicate that the remedy is more related with the strengthening of the self-discipline, responsibility, austerity, selfless service, fasting and etcetera.

How the astrological remedies work The planets are nor just physical masses of matter floating on the space. They are tremendously powerful astral energies or psychic forces which affect us in our astral body, the subtle energy and psychic field surrounding and interpenetrating our physical body. The planetary energies create a pattern, a shape and a combinations of colors in our astral body, which irradiates and attracts a similar energy towards it. The different planets contribute to the color of the aura and that color and vibratory wavelength is related with our thoughts, feelings, health, and the situations we attract to our life.

The Upayes work by managing or changing those astral influences in our own astral body, strengthening or diminishing certain colors, frequencies or wavelengths like creating a kind of protective shield. There are several types of Upayes or remedies: Some of them are:. He is called the "Graha Pati" the lord of all the planets and his Mantra can be repeated to remove afflictions from any planet.

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The Maha Mantra This is a great Mantra specially recommended for this iron age or Kali Yuga to remove ignorance and suffering and attain God realization. Rama and Krishna also stand for the Sun and Moon respectively. Finally, only Devotion and total surrender to God, removal of the ignorance of Ego and realization of the Self as Atman can be the real remedy for any karmic suffering.

Contact us at jyotish 9graha. Content, graphics, and HTML code are protected and may not be copied, reprinted, published, translated, hosted, or otherwise distributed by any means without explicit permission. Even though the physical practices or asanas are a very important part of it and they themselves can bring important changes in the astral body and the mind, Yoga also includes a discipline of the mind, emotions, subtle energies, actions, behavior, the practice of meditation and most important, a total surrender to God.

Yoga goes right to the source of the human problems which is the spiritual ignorance and it gives tools to change the thought and behavior patterns that are associated with the negative planets. For each planet and actually for each planetary combination or each individual chart situation the astrologer has to find which is the appropriate Yoga, and give the right kind of spiritual advice for the consultant.

How to make your Moon stronger - remedies by Pawan Sinha

In some cases it may be more meditation, in other case it may be more towards devotion and developing pure and selfless love Bhakti Yoga , in others the practice of asanas or body postures, or different breathing exercises and pranayama, or the path of karma yoga, selfless service and detachment in action, Jnana yoga, Kundalini yoga, etcetera, or most probably a certain combination of more than one path. Even though The yogic disciplines are the ones that go to the very source of the problems, they can be the most difficult to practice for the majority of people, who just expect the astrologer to give him some quick and easy solution, a magic formulae, whereas the yogic remedies require a change of lifestyle and rigorous discipline sustained over a long period of time.

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It is like in a case of a person suffering from cough goes to a doctor and ask for a remedy. In the same way, all human problems are caused by the fact of not being aware and in tune with their Soul or divine nature. This is called spiritual ignorance, which is the cause of all karmas and wrong actions which lead to pain either in this life or on a future one. When we see an afflicting planet on a birth chart, it is showing something we have done wrong on the past lives and we need to acknowledge and change in this life.

The afflicting planets are in fact, teachers.

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It is the role of Jyotish to recognize the afflicting planets and their associated karmas to prescribe the right discipline. Each afflicted or afflicting Planet is showing a need to learn certain lesson or to strength certain aspect of the mind and personality. Understanding that is the key to the use of astrology as a healing path. Of course each chart has to be analyzed individually and as a whole, and the houses which those planets afflict may show different areas of life in which the meaning has to be applied, but some of the main relationship between the planets and the needed lessons to learn are: Sun: Working out some ego issues.

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Understanding who we really are, understanding the true nature of the Soul. Meditate on the Atman or inner Self, finding the peace and light within the Self. A weak Sun may show lack of self-esteem, but a too strong Sun badly placed can show a too strong ego and a selfish personality. Learning how to use and relate with power, position and authority in a Dharmic way. Learning to respect the Father and elders, and heal the relationship with them. Sun: Working out some ego issues. Moon: Learning to control and purify the mind and emotions.

Develop mental peace through meditation. Issues with the mother from bad karma to her. Respect mother, motherhood and woman. Uplift and channel the emotions trough Bhakti, pure love and devotion to God. Mars: Develop courage and initiative without a selfish purpose; learn to relax, calm down and practice non violence, control anger and use of energy, physical and mental strength for defense of dharmic principles alone. There may be a tendency to try to impose your will to others by force, a dictatorial or tyrannical nature which has to be changed.

Protect righteousness and justice. Destroy and detach from unnecessary possessions or negative patterns. Separate from the wicked and ignorant. Develop a one-pointed mind. Practice Hatha Yoga and relaxation techniques. Mercury: Learn discrimination and proper use of intellect. Apply intelligence for spiritual and selfless purposes. Sublimate the intellect into intuition. Jupiter is another planet that gets effected by a weakend Moon - feed jaggery to cows, drink more water, donate shoes or food to leprosy patients.

Chanting the Moon mantra is another very effective remedy to make the Moon positive. Here's a chanting to help you get started:.

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Symptoms of a Negative Moon: it's not necessary that all of these may be affecting you. Jupiter is another planet that gets effected by a weakend Moon - feed jaggery to cows, drink more water, donate shoes or food to leprosy patients Apart from remedies , if we consciously start for example start taking shower or anything which defines weak moon,will it help? Manik Luthra, Namaste ji. I haven't seen such a wonderful astrologer who has given so many remedies. Bcz of Ur remedies Tank u sir once again.


Dear Sir Please suggest any effective remedies for moon as Iam getting a lot of problem relating to occupation. Just put some black sesame seeds in your hands and thank your ancestors for their blessings and ask them to accept the water and sesame seeds as a token of your appreciation.

Pour water over your hand that has the sesame seeds as you ask them to accept your offering. This can be done anytime and anywhere during the day. Myself and my husband has not having regular income what should we do business or job my date of. Start giving him milk by putting 2 pinch of vasa powder in it and chant Shri Ganehsya Namah times and drink then.

Namaste Guru ji Should we follow all the remedies to strengthen moon. Silver chain with father's sister on which day we have to take and wear it. My infinite Namaste for God. I dont know but i am having the same problems as you mentioned in the symptoms Even because of that I cant focus on my studies.. My birth date is For weak moon :- 1. Which is the right day to wear a silver chain? In which hand should silver bangle and ring be worn? Left or right? Namaste guru ji.. My date of birth is 04 03 time am place delhi. My in laws tortured me a lot so m having divorce aftr 2 years of my marriage.

Namaste Guruji. Please Suggest me solution i have Moon and Rahu both are in 8th house in Simha rashi. Should i wear Moti. Please give me Solution asap. Leave a comment First Name.